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Online Ministry

One of the things that I have said to the children during the Children’s Blessing time is that we as Disciples of Christ live by this idea that “All are Welcome Around the Table.”  In various ways over the past few years the congregation of First Christian Church have undergone changes and we will continue to see changes as we continue on a journey that started all the way back on March 22, 2020.

Beginning on March 22, 2020, we took a bold new step into what is a new area of ministry for the church: our Online Ministry.  The congregation of First Christian Church is much more than just the physical space that we come to each week and it is more than just the stuff that we have done in the past.  The online ministry of First Christian Church has allowed us as a congregation to reach people who may not hear the message of the Gospel as welcome each one of them around the Table each Sunday.

We as a congregation engage our Facebook page, where we Live Stream the worship service every Sunday and share news about upcoming events news about the lives of the people that call First Christian their church.

If you don't know where to find our Facebook page: check it out


We also actively update our church website with news about events in the church and the Disciples congregation at large in the state of Indiana as we have news to share.

You can find lots of info about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at:

In addtion to all of that , I am excited to share that as we continue to develop the online ministry of First Christian Church, we launched a new avenue that we have developed beyond just the church website and Facebook.  We have launched a First Christian Church YouTube page.  Check it out:


The recording that we take of our worship service each week is uploaded to our YouTube page every Wednesday at 6pm.  You can join us around the table at any time and from anywhere.

So, church website, Facebook AND many ways we invite you to join us around the communion table each week.  We would love to share in fellowship with you each week and our online ministry is a new ministry that we are growing to share more and more people the love of Jesus.


Wesley Williams
Ministerial Assistant
First Christian Church

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